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The Stockmarket Watch

Cuffs twitched in The City. Firstly gold dials were replaced by titanium, then fancier complications were introduced, then larger dials demanded wider cuffs and finally slimmer timepieces brought some understated class to proceedings.

With his No.9, Hoptroff has shaken up the game, giving the owner a reason to inch his cuff up beyond Boardroom showmanship.

This timepiece not only gives you the date and time, but also keeps track of your chosen shares. The elegant swirl on the dial traces the movement’s functions. At 12 o’clock, the seconds gallop forward, then the date at 9 o’clock and finally, at 6 o’clock, the percentage share price change since last close of trading.

Under the elegant exterior, Bluetooth technology keeps the timepiece in conversation with real time financial data feeds, providing up-to-the minute data.

Manufactured for the connected world, each timepiece offers a dual time zone capability. With one of the pushers, you select your geography from the dial’s world map and the hands will spin to reflect that timezone.