Daylight Saving Time

Posted on December 30, 2013 by Richard Hoptroff

Clink Street, London, 28th October 2013

Time is similarly stolen and gifted once a year in many temperate countries.

In spring, the clocks are put forward, usually by an hour.  In autumn, they are put back again.  This tricks us into starting work earlier so we can enjoy long summer evenings.  It gives computer programmers all sorts of problems, though:  In the UK on the last Sunday in March, there’s no 1.30am at all; on the last Sunday on October, the day on which I write, there are two.

Just as you wouldn’t choose a birthday on February twenty-ninth, you might want to be born in an early morning of late October if you want extra of birthday presents!

All Hoptroff watches automatically adjust for daylight saving, for course.

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