Posted on January 19, 2014 by Richard Hoptroff

Tokyo, Japan, 19th Jan, 2013

A year ago today, I was in Tokyo visiting Casio for discussions on Bluetooth integration.  At the end of the visit, I had a spare day and decided to track down Haruo Suekichi, grandmaster of the Steampunk watch art movement.

I charged Saleem, my point man in Tokyo, with seeking him out.  But Haruo-san did not want to be found.  Eventually we got his phone number.  Eventually the phone was answered, leaving us only to be told he was not in.  (Only later did we discover Haruo-san himself was answering the phone.)  Finally, when we convinced him that I was not some kind of commercial spy, he conceded to a meeting.

Deep in the western suburbs, we find his leatherworks - for he is a master in leather, too.  At the back of the workshop he shows us his timepieces.  He is as shy about them as he is of himself, and works for love not money, often reluctant to part with his works, at any price.

These creations are truly from a mind that must have grown up on an alien planet.  To describe them in words cannot do them justice, (except perhaps Max Büsser, eat your heart out!,) so I shall just leave you with pictures.  The last is a portrait he was kind enough to draw of me while I was there.

Cheers, Haruo-san.

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