The Flux Capacitor

Posted on January 24, 2014 by Richard Hoptroff

Clink Street, London, 24th January 2014

On occasion I get likened to Doc Emmett Brown, the crazy scientist character in the film Back to the Future.  Fair enough, our workshops look similar, and both he and I have learned the hard way that to come up with one great idea you have to discover that 99 others are duds.

Smart Alec journalists even go as far as to ask, "so where's the Flux Capacitor?" when I show them my timepieces.  In the film, the Flux Capacitor is the heart of the DeLorean time machine, the component that make time travel possible.  The idea for it came rather eloquently into his head while regaining consciousness after a clock fell on that same head.

Oddly enough, we do have a flux capacitor in our watches, of sorts.  A low-leakage, 100uF ceramic monster designed to compensate for sluggish coin cell chemistry during peak radio transmission.  It increases transmission range by a factor of nearly 8 times.  That was an Emmett Brown moment for me:

Doc: "It works! Ha ha, it works! I finally invent something that works!"

Marty: "You bet your ass it works"

Emmett Brown

Brown's Flux Capacitor

Our Flux Capacitor

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