Sous la Loupe

Posted on February 06, 2014 by Gary Carruthers

Clink Street, London 6th February 2014

Now we've mastered the art of focus stacking in-house, I can take you through the looking glass and show you watchmaking as I get to see it.  Close up, every timepiece has its own character.  Ours more than most because laser sintering creates a much more individual device than the cookie-cutter world of CNC milling. 

Pictured here is our first experiment with 18 carat rose gold.  The higher copper content that gives it its rosy blush also gives the best results when laser sintering.  We don't quite know why.  In part, I think because the initial powder can be made more evenly, and in part because the laser light is absorbed more; less is reflected.

See the bases of the pillars around the tambour, echoing the tambour of St Paul's, and each less than three quarters of a millimetre across; the gallery windows around the dial wall, like a Whispering Gallery - and even the refraction of the dots over the top of the hand, just below the "Hop"; the glow of the wall behind the columns, unpolished so it retains a contrasting matt lustre.

Hell, this beats working for a living.


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