It starts with the dial

Posted on May 05, 2013 by Richard Hoptroff

19th April 2013, The British Museum, London

One of many excellent timepiece collections is in the British Museum in London, with timepieces from Tompion to Daniels.  It is fascinating to see how dial designs evolved over time - and echoing the past is an important element in dial design.

I run in fear of the gas meter.  As you might have gathered, I like to innovate and deliver as much delight as I can with a timepiece.  But not overwhelm.  It has to be simple to understand and operate.

You can study dial design till you go blue in the face.  I've seen a lot of awful designs, and good ones, too.  The only reasonable guidance I have ever had were the words of George Daniels.  "It starts with the dial," he says.  In other words, design the story, and worry about how to achieve it later.  He adds, "and it must not end up looking like a gas meter."



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