Living Forever

Posted on May 25, 2013 by Richard Hoptroff

The Shard, London, 25 May 2013

I have a very successful, wealthy friend; a millionaire many times over.  I took him to the top of The Shard, the blingy new skyscraper in our district.  I took the picture below while I was there - the workmen look like giants in the courtyards of Guy's Hospital!

We get talking about aging and living forever.  “You can have all my money,” he said, “in exchange for the twenty years between us.”  Time is something we instinctively value more than money. 

"I used to wonder if, out there in the universe, there might be some life-form that never dies.  It just lives on forever." I replied.  "Then I heard about a jellyfish here on Earth [Turritopsis nutricula].  When it gets too old, instead of dying, it gently folds its arms, turns itself inside out and becomes a baby again.  Would you give up your money to be an immortal jellyfish?" 

He didn't have time to answer - he had an urgent appointment.

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