The Hoptroff Hallmark (2)

Posted on August 15, 2013 by Richard Hoptroff

St Paul's Churchyard, City of London, 15th August 2013

At last, a call from the Goldsmith's Company.  The Assay Office has assayed and hallmarked our first gold watch case.  I know people have made similar pilgrimages time and again for over 700 years, but my first journey there and back was so satisfying nonetheless, after all it has taken to get this far. 

A stroll past the Globe Theatre, and the Tate Gallery.  Then over the Millennium Bridge.  I remember the day the bridge opened in 2000.  I was living in Amsterdam at the time, but my wife and I happened to be in London on that day and we walked across.  "It's wobbling!" she cried.  "Rubbish, don't be silly!," I replied, "this is modern engineering, it doesn't wobble".


The next day it was closed and didn't re-open for 2 years until the wobble was fixed.  So I was humbled, and the poor bridge has ever since been called the Wibbly-Wobbly Bridge, even though it isn't any more.

Over the bridge, past St Paul's school, the the College of Arms, and up Peter's Hill.  Past the curiously named Knightrider Court - I've not seen a Pontiac Trans Am parked there yet, but if I do I will call it Kitt.  (Though I did see a fire engine going up Pudding Lane the other day.  Only 350 years too late.)


And then through the grounds of St Paul's itself.  Our magnificent City cathedral.  And the design inspiration for our watch-cases.  To think that each case will have to pass through the churchyard and on to the Assay Office just over the other side.  Then a few days later to be treasured back through to our workshops.  It's like showing them who Daddy is.


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