Getting Started

Posted on August 17, 2010 by Gary Carruthers

If you've just bought one of our watches, here's what you'll want to do the first time you use it:

  1. Load the free smartphone app.  Search for "Hoptroff" or "Hotblack" on iTunes and download the app to your phone.  (Android version available May 2015.)
  2. Start the App and press the top pusher on the watch.  The hour hand will rock left and right, indicating it will be connectable for 20 seconds.  Press Connect on the App, and then after the scan is complete, select your watch.  Your watch will now be connected, and it will be automatically updated with the correct time.
  3. Select Hand Alignment.  The hands should then point straight up or down.  If they don't, use the controls to set the hands in those positions. 
  4. If the time zone is not correct, select Time Zone and choose your time zone.
  5. Your watch may have specific complications, such syncing your diary or share price, that you may wish to set up.
  6. Enter your details in the Owner Information section.  We keep a permanent record of this so you can prove your ownership of the timepiece.  We'll give you the opportunity to order our newest timepieces before they are officially announced. 


Finally, don't forget to disconnect to reduce power consumption.  The watch will reconnect automatically from time to time.


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