The Hoptroff No.8

Posted on April 17, 2008 by Gary Carruthers

The No.8 is your social and business safety net.  It syncs with your phone's calendar to remind you what's scheduled. 

We've all forgotten appointments, birthdays and anniversaries - and regretted it.  Faster than fiddling with your phone, the No.8 won't let you forget.

Top dial: First letter of your next diary entry.  The pointer settles on the open circle if the watch cannot connect to the phone, and on the closed circle if there are no appointments in the next 12 hours.

Right dial:  Seconds; Magnetic North if bottom pusher pressed.

Bottom dial:  Time of your next diary entry.

Top pusher: Press to connect to your smartphone. 

Bottom pusher:  Activates the compass. For 15 seconds, the seconds will point to magnetic North instead of displaying seconds.


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