The Hoptroff No.9

Posted on March 19, 2008 by Gary Carruthers

The No.9 is the most stunning combination of power and beauty. Seconds, date, and... real-time stock price.  Discreetly keep your eye on the market when you're away from your desk.

Top dial: Seconds; Magnetic North if bottom pusher pressed.

Left dial:  Date.  Perpetual, naturally

Bottom dial:  Stock price % change since last market close.  Stock or index selected from your phone.  The pointer settles on the open circle if the watch cannot connect to the phone, and on the closed circle if it can connect to the phone but the phone cannot get price data from the internet.

Top pusher: Press to connect to your smartphone. 

Bottom pusher:  Activates the compass.  For 15 seconds, the seconds will point to magnetic North instead of displaying seconds.

The watch needs to reconnect often to the phone, e.g. every 5 minutes, to keep the data up to date.  This means the battery life will not be as long as for our other watches.


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