The Hoptroff No.11

Posted on February 06, 2008 by Gary Carruthers

The No.11 is our most understated timepiece. The rocking seconds tick by, gently enough to set you asleep like a baby.  Down below, the date ticks over.  But like all our timepieces, exceptional is what we do: chronometer accuracy, automated daylight saving, in-built compass...

Top dial: Rocking seconds. The first 30 seconds of the minute it goes left to right.  The next 30 seconds, right to left.

Bottom dial:  Date.  Perpetual, naturally.  Magnetic North if bottom pusher pressed.

Top pusher: Press to connect to your smartphone. 

Bottom pusher:  Activates the compass.  For 15 seconds, the date hand will point to magnetic North instead of displaying seconds.


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