Left & Right Pushers

Posted on March 01, 2005 by Gary Carruthers

Our watches use a unique, patented system that allows you to have the pushers on either side.  Usually, right handed people wear the watch on their left hand and the pushers are on the right.  (Vice versa for left handed people.)

If you order direct from us, you can ask for left-side pushers are on when ordering.  Otherwise, a watch repairer can easily change the side the pushers as follows:

  1. Remove the watch back.
  2. Remove the movement, rotate by 180° and replace in watch case.
  3. Close the back and test for waterproofing with a waterproof testing machine.
  4. If the watch has a leather strap, remove the strap, rotate by 180° and replace, so the buckle is easy to use.  Not necessary for our metal strap watches.


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