Hoptroff No.16
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Hoptroff No.16 Hoptroff No.16 Hoptroff No.16 Hoptroff No.16

Hoptroff No.16

The Double-Dial Atomic Wristwatch

The Hoptroff No.16 is a progression from the Hoptroff No.10, the first atomic timepiece ever built. Designed by Richard Hoptroff, the “infinity” double dial design reduces the width and thickness enough that this remarkable atomic timepiece can be comfortably worn on the wrist.

The Art Nouveau dial is aimed at collectors of classic watches, and incorporates eight complications combined only in the rarest of timepieces. The right dial design echoes the iconic Space Traveller by George Daniels, displaying equation of time and sidereal time in addition to normal time. The left dial additionally displays perpetual date, perpetual moon phase, sunrise, sunset, and power reserve. Two face figures bridge the dials, each with two blue sapphire eyes that glow once each minute.                                  

It is the most accurate wristwatch in the world. In full atomic mode, it keeps time to 1½ seconds per thousand years. In atomic resonator mode, it is still accurate to one second per hundred years.    Requires an iPhone or Android phone.

Made with a 18kt Yellow Gold Laser Sintered case with Rhodium bronze back, timepiecs are made to order, giving customization oppotunities, with a 3-month lead time.  25% deposit required.


Right dial, centre right - Hours, minutes
Right dial, bottom right - Seconds
Right dial, centre left - Sidereal hours, minutes
Right dial, bottom right - Sidereal seconds
Right dial, top - Atomic physics unit state

Left dial, left arc - Date
Left dial, top arc - Time of sunrise
Left dial, bottom arc - Time of sunset
Left dial, centre arc - Moon phase
Left dial, right arc - Power reserve

Top pusher:  Bluetooth activation
Bottom pusher:  Full atomic mode activation

Eyes: Atomic mode indication, top-of-the-minute glow

Time setting from NTP: ~30ms accuracy
Battery life:  Est. 3 months in low power mode between recharges
Accuracy: 1.5 seconds per thousand years
Atomic resonator mode accuracy: Est. 10 seconds per thousand years
Waterproofing: Splashproof
Dial diameters: 36.0mm
Dimensions:  83.7mm x 43.4mm x 18.7mm excluding dial domes


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